10 Ideas to Maximize the Space in Your Kitchen

We all want big, beautiful kitchens with all the essential appliances, scratch-resistant granite countertops, and a kitchen island that’ll make Martha Stewart jealous. But do we all have the luxury of such vast space? Nope. 

Many of us are stuck with an average of 103 square feet of kitchen space that we have to make work for our needs. 

So, how to keep your counters decluttered and your small kitchen organized?

Do you bring in more storage baskets or opt for built-in cabinets? Is a bigger fridge worth the investment, or can you make do with a mini fridge?

Let’s put a few innovative space-maximizing ideas under the microscope and see if we can come up with a game plan for your dream kitchen, no matter the square footage.

Make Cutlery Trays Your Best Friend

You know those trays you use to transport silverware from the dishwasher to the drawer? Well, they can be extremely helpful in small kitchens.

Use them to organize your spatulas, whisks, and wooden spoons so you can easily grab what you need while cooking. No more rummaging through a cluttered drawer!

Invest in Stackable Storage Containers

Storage containers are the lifeblood of a small kitchen. They help with portion control, make it easy to grab and go, and can be stored in the fridge, freezer, or pantry with ease.

But if you’re short on space, regular storage containers might not cut it. That’s where stackable storage containers come in! These bad boys will help you save precious shelf and counter space. But don’t pick just any containers; make sure to get ones that are BPA-free and dishwasher-, microwave-, and freezer-safe.

Hang Pots and Pans from the Ceiling

Small kitchens usually have about as much counter space as a postage stamp. So, what’s a cook to do? Get those pots and pans off the counters and into the air!

Hang a pot rack from the ceiling, and you’ll suddenly have much more room to prep meals. Just ensure you get one made of sturdy material that can hold the weight of your cookware. You don’t want anything crashing down on your head while cooking dinner.

Say Goodbye to Your Microwave

We know, we know. The microwave is an essential kitchen appliance, or is it? If you have a small kitchen, the microwave might take up valuable counter space that you could use for food prep or storage.

If your midnight snacking is dependent on your microwave, consider getting a compact model or one that can be mounted under the cabinets. Or, if you have the room, consider moving your microwave into a cabinet or pantry. That way, you can clear off your counters and have more room to work.

Bring Home a New Cutting Board

Do you have busy counters but nowhere to prep your meals? If so, it might be time to invest in a new cutting board.

But instead of opting for a bulky wooden one, go for a smaller, more compact option. There are plenty of foldable or roll-up cutting boards on the market that won’t take up a lot of space. Plus, they’re usually made of silicone or nylon, making them lightweight and easy to store. You can also find one that easily sits on top of your sink for even more space-saving opportunities.

Dedicate a Drawer for Your Spices

Turmeric on the countertop, salt in the cupboard, and cumin hiding at the back of the spice rack – sound familiar? If you’re constantly searching high and low for your spices, it might be time to give them their own home.

Dedicate a drawer (or even just a small section of a drawer) to your spices and store them alphabetically. That way, you can easily find what you need without moving everything around. Plus, you can use the freed space for other kitchen essentials.

Get a Sliding Trash Can

A small kitchen means there’s probably not a lot of room for a trash can. But that doesn’t mean you have to go without one! So, what you do is get a sliding trash can.

These handy little things can be stored under your sink or in a cabinet and pulled out when needed. You can also find ones with a lid to help keep things tidy. No more smelly garbage can or unattractive kitchen trash bags taking up space!

Fruit and Vegetable Storage Baskets

If you’re tight on space, chances are your fruit and vegetables are currently taking up valuable real estate in your fridge. And if there’s little fridge space, there’s probably even less counter space.

The solution? Storage baskets! We aren’t referring to the wicker or plastic ones that royally sit as decorative items on your kitchen counter. We are talking about the stand-alone, have-to-have, life-saving, space-maximizing storage baskets that can be used for fruit and vegetables. These will allow you to store your produce in an easily accessible way while freeing up space in your fridge and on your counters.

Mount Your Dish Rack

All kitchens have dish racks; where else would you put your wet dishes to dry? But most dish racks are bulky and consume a lot of counter space.

If you have a small kitchen, chances are you don’t have the luxury of being able to leave your dish rack out all the time. So, what do you do? You mount it! That’s right; there are dish racks that can be mounted on the wall or inside a cabinet door. It will give you more counter space and make it easy to access your dishes when needed.

Use Your Cabinet Doors Smartly

Small kitchen owners must use any space they have, including the insides of their cabinet doors. Install a divider or a slim rack on the back of your doors to hold things like foil, plastic wraps, and lids. It’ll free your actual cabinet shelves for other things and make it easy to grab what you need when you’re in the middle of cooking. You can also install magnetic strips to hold knives and other metal utensils. This way, they’ll be off your countertops and within easy reach. Be careful while opening and closing the doors, though. You don’t want anything falling and breaking!


Kitchens are special places in our homes where we create memories and meals. But if your kitchen is small, it can feel cramped and cluttered. These space-saving tips will help you make the most of your small kitchen so you can focus on what’s important – cooking up deliciousness!

Rhonda Brooks

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