8 Best Tips for Giving Your Toddler’s Room a Paint Makeover

Boring and toddlers? Nay! You can’t even fathom a day without giggles and naughtiness once you enter the beautiful journey of parenthood. So, when our little munchkins add so much color to our lives, why not do the same to their rooms? A toddler’s room is a reflection of their imaginative minds and creative spirits. And, what’s a better way to add some vivacity than a coat of paint?

Paint is exceptionally transformative, whether you use it solo to brighten the dreary walls or pair it with wallpaper and murals to add more dimension. You can even go the eco-friendly route and use milk paint, which is non-toxic, or chalkboard paint to let your toddler’s imagination run riot!

Here are a few tips to help you give your toddler’s room the much-needed paint makeover:

What’s Your Theme?

Usually, toddler rooms are designed around themes. Disney Cars, Dora the Explorer, Winnie the Pooh – you name it, and there’s a theme. Once you have finalized the theme, half your job is done! The color scheme and overall design will flow from there. For example, if your toddler loves all things pink and purple, consider painting one wall lavender, and the other three walls pale pink. You can add a white border to the lavender wall to make it pop.

Get Creative with Wall Art

Wall art can fantastically add some character to your toddler’s room. You can either buy ready-made decals or get crafty and make your own! If you’re going the DIY route, consider using washi tape to create fun patterns and shapes on the wall. You can even let your toddler get in on the action by giving them a roll of washi tape and letting them go wild! Trust us; they’ll love it!

Create a Scene

Murals – the larger, the better! They are a fun way to add some pizzazz to your toddler’s room. Let them feel like they live in Alice’s Wonderland or are a part of Elsa’s frozen kingdom.

You can even find murals that glow in the dark, so they can enjoy the views when the lights are out! We know it seems fun to pick a paintbrush and unleash the inner Picasso in you. But, it’s best to hire a professional for this one. You don’t want Mad Hatter to look like a finger painting, do you?

Paint the Ceiling

For a fun and unexpected twist, paint the ceiling! You can use glow-in-the-dark paint to make stars and constellations come alive at night. Or, you can opt for a cheerful solid color that coordinates with the walls. It will make the room feel larger and brighter. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, consider painting the ceiling beams in a contrasting color. You can contrast the beam color with the wall color or use metallic paint to add some shimmer.

Use Furniture to Your Advantage

Fun walls but granny-old furniture? Not a good look. You can quickly transform your toddler’s room by painting their furniture to match the walls. For example, consider painting an old dresser or bookshelf a cheerful green if your walls are a bright yellow. Or if you have white walls, liven things up with red furniture. It’s easy and inexpensive to add some personality to the room!

Choose Durable Paint

Toddlers are notoriously hard on walls, so choosing durable paint is important. Eggshell and semi-gloss finishes are ideal because they can withstand the rigors of daily life. Plus, they’re easy to clean, so you won’t have to repaint them often. You can even find washable paint these days, so you can simply hose down the walls if they get too dirty. However, we recommend picking a light color if you go this route. You don’t want your toddler’s room to look like an elementary school classroom!

Don’t Ignore the Poor Door

Your toddler’s room makeover is not complete unless you give the door some love, too! Basic browns and whites don’t speak the same language as playful yellows and blues. Give the door a fresh coat of paint in a color that coordinates with the walls. You can even add some decals or stencils to give it some extra personality. Make sure the door is easily visible so your toddler doesn’t accidentally get locked in!

Don’t Overdo the Splashing

There’s a possibility that you know no stop when it comes to painting. We get it; it’s fun! But try to exercise some restraint. You want it to be inviting, not overwhelming. Too much color can be stressful for young children. So, stick to a few accent walls and let the furniture and accessories do the rest. Some popular choices these days are the subtle ombre or color blocking. They add just enough personality without being too over-the-top.

Final Thoughts

Room makeovers are exciting, and when it’s a room that sees a lot of action and growth like a toddler’s room, they are essential! Whether you choose to paint solid colors or add some fun murals, your toddler is sure to love their new space. If you feel they’re a little picky, consider involving them in the process. Let them decide. It’ll save you the headache later on. Just remember to use durable paint and make sure the door is visible!

Rhonda Brooks

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