How To Give A Winter Vibe To Your Home

Winters are truly magical; the snow-covered mountain peaks, Christmas lights glistening from every rooftop, and the smell of pine trees in the air all make the season especially memorable. It’s a time when people come together to enjoy and celebrate.

While winters indoors are cozy, there are still ways to make you and your family feel more at ease inside your home. So, this holiday season, liven up your living space by adding that much-needed winter charm. Use our tips below to get in tune with the frosty weather and make your home feel like a cozy winter wonderland.

Incorporate Warmer Tones

Say goodbye to those winter blues and hello to warm yellow, red, and gold tones. When it’s freezing outside, a hint of vibrant color here and there can make your living area feel more pleasant and energized. Plus, since warm tones are easy to incorporate, they won’t clash too much with the colors of your existing decor and furniture.   

Choose Natural Decor Items

Who says you must purchase expensive ornaments to prepare for the frosty season?

The best way to get a winter vibe into your home is to use materials that come directly from Mother Nature. This means using items you can easily find outside in the cold weather, such as dried-up flowers and leaves, pinecones, driftwood, and tree branches. You can create wonderful table centerpieces, fragrant potpourri, dried floral frames, or hand-crafted wreaths with these elements.

Adding these beautiful natural elements into your home will help retain that perfect cold weather ambiance.

Throw In a Cozy Carpet

Rugs and carpets are a must-have for holiday décor. There’s just something so satisfying about having a cozy and warm carpet under your feet that no winter feels complete without one.

Vintage rugs and carpets not only add comfort to your living space but also create an elegant yet comfortable winter vibe.

Please the Senses

The frosty weather can often leave you feeling gloomy and depressed. So, to beat the winter blues, why not introduce some soothing scents in your home? 

Aromatherapy is an excellent way of releasing tension and bringing back a sense of calm and relaxation into your everyday life. Whether you use an oil burner or an ultrasonic diffuser, a few drops of essential oils can elevate the mood of your whole household. Vanilla, orange, rosemary, and pine are among the most popular oils used for this purpose. 

Turn Up the Heat

Got a nice fireplace in your house?

Then it’s time to make it the star of the show!

Place plush rugs, throws, pillows, and blankets around the fireplace to keep your loved ones warm. Furthermore, you can create a mini indoor bonfire scene with real wood logs and branches, creating a snuggly atmosphere inside the house. These elements are perfect for creating a warm and cozy ambiance during the cold months.

However, if you don’t have a fireplace, a gas or electric heater will work just as effectively to warm the air.

Think About the Lighting

There is no doubt that lighting is a crucial element of holiday décor, and fortunately, it is also one that most people can get right easily. Adding soft lighting throughout your home helps give it a snug and welcoming feel. Soft lights create a tranquil and relaxing environment, perfect for setting a good mood in the festive season. 

In the living room, use light diffusing shades over lamps to go with the wintery vibe. You can also drape string lights over the windows or bookshelves to create a soul-soothing ambiance. 

Make Your Bedding Winter Ready

While preparing your home for the winter, don’t forget to make some updates in your bedroom. To create a beautiful contrast of colors, switch your bedding to neutral paired with warmer ones.

The weather will get colder soon, so replace your light sheets with thicker and heavier fabrics like cotton and velvet flannel. Layer a few blankets instead of just using a big one for more warmth and better sleep on those cold nights.  

Rearrange the Furniture

With temperatures dropping lower, all you want to do is snuggle in your bed all day long. While that’s not exactly practical, what you can do instead is rearrange your furniture to make your living room more comfortable.

If you don’t have enough seating, invest in some floor cushions and place them around your fireplace or heater. You can also throw in some extra fluffy pillows and soft blankets to make the arrangement cozier.

Light Up Some Candles

When talking about holiday décor, candles often get overlooked. However, don’t underestimate the power of carefully placed natural wax candles; they do so much more than just illuminate your room. 

Candles are perfect for creating a feeling of warmth and happiness. In addition to this, scented varieties also add allure to your home while making it smell divine. There is nothing like walking into a room and instantly feeling at ease when you can smell the comforting fragrance of burning candles.

To Summarize It All… 

With only a few more months left to go, winter is just around the corner. Despite the cold and freezing wind outside, you can create a warm, festive, and magical atmosphere inside. 

Our tips and tricks above can help you create a stunning winter vibe in your home – turning it into a dreamy winter sanctuary!

What are some of your favorite ways of decorating your home to give it a winter vibe?

Share them with us in the comments below!

Rhonda Brooks

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